Yoga & Aromatherapy Workshop
Yoga & Aromatherapy Workshop

Yoga & Aromatherapy Workshop

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Tuesdays, October 13th, 20th, & 27th

Workshop Overview:

Week One: How Stress Manifests in The Physical Body

  • An overview of how yoga can help manage stress, and an introduction to the concept of olfaction and essential oils. 
  • The importance of creating a sacred space for yourself 
  • Tips, gentle movement, and breathing techniques for reducing stress 
  • Take home this week: Rollerball for stress, mental tension & pain relief. 

Week Two:  Playful Ways to Energize the Body 

  • Yoga practices for the midday slump 
  • Utilize essential oils and sense of smell to invigorate the mind and body throughout the day. 
  • Simple stretches that can be done from your desk. 
  • Take home this week: Uplifting, refreshing Room & Body Mist 

Week Three: The Role of Relaxation in Stress Reduction 

  • Recognizing the importance of relaxation & taking time to recover 
  • Utilizing essential oils and botanical ingredients to treat your mind and body with love and care. 
  • An introduction to restorative yoga 
  • This week’s blend: Several options will be given to choose from!