Glass Diffuser Pendant- Purple Rain

Glass Diffuser Pendant- Purple Rain

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This purple rain essential oil diffuser pendant is accented with a beautiful RBG (Red, blue, green)  opal. Pendant comes pre-filled with an essential oil or blend of your choice, an extra 1ml bottle of the blend, and a syringe for easy filling. 

To clean: Soak in isopropyl alcohol, and allow it to evaporate before adding a new essential oil blend. 

Important: Make sure to only use PURE, 100% authentic, unadulterated, undiluted essential oils to fill your necklace. Essential oils are very volatile and evaporate quicker than carrier oils and most liquids which can get stuck in the necklace and be difficult to clean. 

Made by: @SailorJerryGlass 

Purchase includes 1mL bottle of essential oil or blend (select up-to 3 oils, below). Feel free to also leave notes, for example if you are looking for an uplifting scent, calming scent, something refreshing, minty, floral, earthy etc, and something amazing will be put together for you!