Botanical Perfume Collection

Botanical Perfume Collection

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Botanical perfumes, formulated with pure essential oils to capture the authentic scent of high quality botanicals. Blended with an organic jojoba oil base, these roll on fragrances are gentle on the skin & provide an aromatic boost to your day.

Essential oil blends:

Equilibrium: Vanilla (infused jojoba oil), sandalwood, jasmine & ylang ylang | Carnelian stone... This warm, grounding blend is a lovely balance of floral & earth tones.

Inspire: Yuzu, bergamot, frankincense, bay laurel, juniper berry | Clear quartz crystal.... Uplift your day with fresh citrus, while staying grounded with frankincense, and motivated with juniper berry & bay laurel. 

Meditate: Cannabis, frankincense, myrrh, bergamot, petitgrain | Amethyst crystal.... Formulated with pure cannabis distilled essential oil (Purple Hawaiian Haze), frankincense, & myrrh, this blend is a wonderful meditation aid in addition to personal fragrance. Smoothed out with refreshing bergamot, and petitgrain leaf oil. *Steam distilled cannabis contains no cannabinoids, eg, CBD, THC, CBN or CBG- strictly an essential oil, which contains a variety of terpenes within the specific strain!*


Try all three of these lovely blends for a special price! Packaged in gift set box.