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Simple & Effective Ways to Manage Stress Through Yoga & Aromatherapy

How do you manage stress? Exercise, sitting at the beach, enjoying a cup of tea with friends? Maybe you have ventured into the world of yoga or aromatherapy... but what would happen if you combined these two together?

In this three week series led by Madison D’Arezzo & Tara Beaulieu, you will explore the synergy of these complementary modalities and learn how to use specific essential oil blends to enhance your yoga practice. Combining these techniques can amplify their effects on stress reduction, groundedness, focus, and reconnecting to your body and mind. 

Each week, there will be a specific essential oil blend diffusing throughout the class. This blend will also be featured in a physical take home product for you to bring home and continue working with. 

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Outdoor Market at Shady Lea Mill

October 17th, 10-4pm