Custom Blends

Our in house certified aromatherapist specializes in developing custom formulations for a client based on their specific needs, requests or preferences. Check out this blog post where Madison speak's about the power and potential of custom formulation.
"Choosing the right essential oil or essential oil blend is crucial when facilitating emotional or physiological healing. By developing a relationship with the essential oils and learning how ones body and mind individually reacts to them, we are able to work together to create a powerful, personalized blend that aims to support the clients overall health and wellbeing."
Just write us a message on our contact page, or reach out via email to learn more. 
Custom blend pricing is based on initial size of product and CBD concentration. Baseline price also includes a half hour consultation where your blend will be developed.  *Note that refills are reduced 15% of their original cost as the blend has already been developed*


If yourself, or someone that you know is experiencing financial instability and is in need of a holistic relief blend, please reach out via email and we will do our best to accommodate those needs. 

Custom Blend Testimonials 

"I noticed a difference every time I applied the salve to my back, I had a hairline fracture in my pelvis and it helped me deal with that pain far better then I was able to deal with it on Vicodin"

-Josiah B, 2oz 1,000mg Cooling Back Balm 

"Being able to explain to Maddie the relief that I was looking for and then having her combine oils to create it was so awesome. From the first step we discussed the type of scent I was looking for along with the relief. She understood me perfectly and came up with 2 separate blends (muscle tightness and grounding) that I can use separately or together depending on the situation. It was a lot of fun smelling the scents and seeing how they worked together. I highly recommend the experience!"

-Marcy W, Two custom 150mg CBD /oz Body Oils 

"It was very helpful to have this during my radiation treatment and after. I have used it both on my neck and in my mouth. I would highly recommend for someone going through radiation"

-Lisa D, CBD Soothing Gel 

Leave your email and/or phone number with the best way to contact you. I will be in touch as soon as possible and look forward to working with you to find you the perfect product.