Personalized Aromatherapy Blends

Within 42020 Visionaries, one of our main goals is to provide a specific product based on the clients individual needs. Humans are unique and individual in their constitution, and therefore require a specific remedy which considers different physical and emotional requirements, along with personal preferences.

Choosing the right essential oil or essential oil blend is important when facilitating both physical and physiological healing, for the client and practitioner. By developing a relationship with the essential oils and understanding how our body and mind uniquely reacts to them, we are able to work together to create a powerful, personalized blend that is aimed to support the clients overall health and well-being.

A specific scent can bring you back to an exact moment in time, a place, or the presence of a loved one. These scents trigger memories, feelings, and emotions that can act as powerful healing tools. When it comes to emotional healing, choosing the right aromatic blend is important. Essential oils are the harnessed essence of a plant, and have the ability to bring together powerful healing constituents that are able to be administered in a few different ways.

Specifically we focus on using essential oils: 

Topically: Massage, body oils, salves, creams, butters, soaking salts, scrubs etc.

Inhalation: Through essential oil diffusers, inhaler tubes, room / body mists, and facial steams. *This is the quickest route of application for targeting an emotional state, as inhalation of EOs allows for constituents to cross the blood brain barrier, directly affecting the CNS.* 

Internally: The internal use of essential oils applies to specific conditions, in which they should always be diluted in vegetable oil, honey, or neutral tablets for oral application. Essential oils may also be diluted in an oil based solution for suppositories and vaginal pessaries, when conditions require this route of application. 

Blending aromas together will create a different scent entirely, one that is unique and specific to the clients liking. Essential oils, through olfaction alone, as well as through dermal application, have a direct effect on the central nervous system, and are extremely undervalued tools for personal empowerment. An essential oil has the power to affect the mind in various ways; they can uplift and simulate, calm and relax, instill confidence or emotional support, and encourage personal reflection and growth. 

In regards to physical pain, each essential oil contains multitudes of individual constituents that act together to have a specific effect... whether this be pain relief, supporting skin regeneration, reducing inflammation, etc. Physical pain, although it is present in (almost) everybody, has many ways of expressing itself. The many ways in which pain expresses itself require different remedies, many of which can be found within different essential oils and their constituents. (Check out this blog post on terpenes to learn a little bit more about this chemical family, which can act as powerful components within essential oils and cannabis). Specific plant families and essential oils have affinities with individual parts of the body and bodily functions (for example, lavender is long known for its calming and sedative qualities, while peppermint has an affinity with the digestive system & reducing nausea), and a blend can be formulated specifically to support both the physical and emotional aspects of your condition. 

Let’s get started today on creating a blend that’s just right for you!

-Madison D'Arezzo

42020 Visionaries LLC


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